The main priority of Aspar Kashagan is the recognition of the importance of life and health of employees above the results of production activities. The company management is fully aware of its responsibility for ensuring the safety of personnel and comfortable working conditions, as well as maintaining a friendly environmental situation.

The Company has a comprehensive policy in the field of industrial safety, labor protection and the environment (HSE). The implementation of its obligations helps the Company become a recognized leader in the field of arrangement and compliance with HSE requirements.

The effectiveness of the policy is confirmed by the achievements of Aspar Kashagan:

  • no accidents at work;
  • reduction of technical accidents for 2017/2018 year;
  • rewarding the enterprise with an Employer compliance certificate.



Competent and active work in the field of labor protection becomes the key to retaining and increasing the qualified personnel number, which is the basis of the enterprise.

Before starting work on a new project, managers and specialists of the Company conduct an assessment of possible risks on site and take corrective measures to eliminate hazard.

Employees with medical certificates only are allowed to work. There are medical posts at the facilities with necessary medicines and staffed by qualified personnel ready to provide first aid to the injured persons.

A mandatory condition of work in the Company is the provision of each worker with certified personal protection equipment against negative production impact.

There is the training class on the basis of the Company which uses a licensed program to transfer to the staff safety rules in the enterprise. On-site trainers and providers arrive to train staff on a regular basis.


Most of the works in the Company are carried out with the use of complex outsizal equipment, therefore close attention is paid to transport safety. The Company has specialized departments to ensure a permanent serviceability of the vehicle fleet strictly monitoring the technical condition before release on the road.

On each production site traffic safety specialists work, carrying out measures to prevent MVA, instructing and training drivers and machine operators 24 hours.

Aspar Kashagan vehicles are fully equipped with tachographs, seat belts, fire extinguishing and medical equipment, necessary safety signs and tools.


The Company complies with the rules of environmental control at the enterprise and makes every effort to minimize the harm to the environment, including involving employees in nature protection activities.

All personnel is trained in the production and consumption waste treatment. It is possible to dispose waste via an incineration unit even in confined autonomous conditions.