Aspar Kashagan LLP is a 100% Kazakh company and specializes in providing integrated services at the international level for foreign and Kazakh companies operating in the local market.

The Company developed its potential and skills, created jobs and provided high-quality services in Kazakhstan over the past 10 years, making a significant contribution to the country's sustainable social and economic development.

The Company provides services in accordance with the highest standards of Health protection and Safety for customers in oil and gas sphere and is proud of the achievement of 700,000 man hours without incident related to safety.

Throughout these years the Company invested in the development of a highly professional team of specialists and managers with work experience due to international requirements.

A strong production and technical base, highly qualified personnel, modern methods, technologies, equipment allow to carry out a wide range of works and increase productivity.

The group of companies is implementing projects aimed at achieving the set goals and ensuring the leading positions in the market.

We always strive to make the most of our resources and expand our opportunities.

Aspar Kashagan company activity is based on honesty, quality, and commitment to excellence.


This is the guarantee of successful development of the enterprise and the advantages of cooperation with us.