The quality management system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is used in Aspar Kashagan Company as they produce food products. This is the most effective way to ensure product quality and safety. Via this program monitoring is carried out at all stages of the process including storage and sale.

HACCP methodology is a modern management method where control measures for ensuring the safety of products are fully observed, and specific risks in the process flow are identified. The system is globally recognized.

All the basic principles of the methodology are used by Aspar Kashagan production;

  • determination of control points and critical points in the process flow;
  • conducting risk analysis;
  • corrective actions, including monitoring, accounting and preparation of all necessary documentation.

HACCP quality standards presuppose a high professional level of management and technical personnel, as well as the development of the corporate culture of the enterprise.

HACCP allows us to concentrate our attention on the critical points of production, which minimizes the risk of manufacturing a low-quality product. With the use of the HACCP system Aspar Kashagan has the opportunity to conduct microbiological and chemical testing of both raw materials and final product. It is possible to prevent the danger at every stage of production, which significantly reduces material costs, improves product quality.

    Undeniable advantages of our Company:

  1. Guarantee of good image of the Company - producer of high-quality and safe food products;
  2. Enhancement of consumer trust;
  3. Implementation of standards that provide an opportunity to expand existing sales markets and develop new ones, including international ones
  4. Participation in bids, increase of competitiveness, reduction of buyers claims.

To reduce total costs, the manufacturer can include the HACCP methodology in other quality management systems. Due to such integration the costs for external and internal audit are reduced.

After the implementation of the HACCP system in Aspar Kashagan production the consumer received a guarantee that the products are always of high quality, safe and healthy.

The HACCP system is developed in accordance with the specific features of production technologies.