Aspar Kashagan offers a comprehensive security solution for organizations and individuals:

—   security and fire alarm system for offices, shops, warehouses, industrial and commercial firms;

—   complex security systems for large enterprises;

—   CCTV for monitoring the situation inside the facility and on the adjacent territory;

—   alarm (emergency call button);

—   fire alarm at the facility;

—   alarm for a house or apartment with connection to its own central monitoring station in Atyrau;

—   subsequent maintenance of security equipment.


The Security Group of the facility - provides security and monitoring of the situation in the protected area via direct presence of security officers. Tasks of the Security Group:

  • Access control
  • Motor transport checking
  • Theft prevention
  • Facility and adjacent territory walk down
  • CCTV system monitoring
  • Enterprise visitors and employees  control
  • Protection of material assets that are freely available
  • Taking primary measures to eliminate technical accidents and fires
  • Prevention of unauthorized access
  • Raising and maintaining the high status of the facility / enterprise

Over the years the Company has successfully coped with the task. Thanks to the operative actions of our employees there were no crimes related to an attempt to steal property of customers, and life-threatening robberies were prevented. Constant increase in the number of our customers allows us to keep prices for the provision of security services at a minimum level.