When organizing the work of the Transport department, the choice of vehicles for servicing certain divisions of enterprises is of great importance. The choice is made considering their carrying capacity, speed, maneuverability, passing ability and other indicators. The volume of cargo flows, the distance between the start and end points, the nature of the transported materials - dimensions, physical and mechanical and other properties are taken into account. Depending on the level of road construction Aspar Kashagan uses along with conventional vehicles all-terrain vehicles, especially in remote and hard-to-reach areas.

The use of certain vehicles for certain types of transportation depends on factors determining the level of transportation cost effectiveness.

Aspar Kashagan plans routes that promote assignment of permanent workers and vehicles for each route, creating conditions for reducing downtime and increasing labor productivity of the Transport department personnel.

Arrangement of Aspar Kashagan transport service:

- delivery of materials and components to the enterprise;

- movement of goods inside the enterprise;

- delivery of finished products to consumers.