Aspar Kashagan Company carries out professional cleaning in Atyrau. Solid municipal waste is transported at any time of the year. SMW is transported from:

  • apartments;
  • private houses;
  • office buildings;
  • small productions

Transportation is carried out only to the established places of intake, processing and utilization. All necessary documentation is provided.

We collect and transport the following municipal waste:

  • food and vegetable waste;
  • waste paper;
  • glass containers;
  • plastic and polymer waste;
  • wood, metals;
  • textile products;
  • leather, rubber etc.

Thanks to this service municipal waste does not adversely affect the lives of city population and visitors.


Removal of garbage and municipal waste is carried out in different ways, as technology is determined by the quality of SMW. They fall into the following categories:

  1. Toxicity level of waste.

This factor is necessarily taken into account when transporting solid municipal waste. Natural origin waste is utilized differently from polymer composition or industrial nature waste.

  1. Composition and consistency.

All components of the waste are characterized by different mechanical, physical, and chemical properties. At first sorting takes place.


At present Aspar Kashagan uses machines that:

- provide maneuverability, high speed of maintenance of large areas;

- collect large volumes for one run;

- perform work with a minimum noise level.

Thanks to the technology used transportation and disposal of any waste is carried out in the shortest possible time without discomfort for people. And an affordable price makes the service of the company attractive and fast-growing.

Advantages of cooperation with Aspar Kashagan Company:

- Broad experience, own fleet of equipment and a professional approach to servicing make it possible to take into account all customer requirements, ensure accuracy and timeliness of waste disposal from any district of Atyrau.

- The Company renders both one-time services and complex services on a contract basis. Cooperates with individuals and legal entities.

- Waste removal is carried out from any facilities: educational and medical institutions, sports and entertainment complexes, administrative and departmental organizations, trade and production facilities.

- Availability of necessary permits allows to take out waste of any type: industrial, municipal, construction, as well as snow, etc.

- All works are carried out with observance of ecological and sanitary-epidemiological norms. Disposal of waste is carried out at special landfills closest to a particular district.

- Well-coordinated work enables us to offer favorable prices, as well as additional discounts. At the same time there is saving of time.

Cooperating with Aspar Kashagan you get a prosperous territory with a presentable look, without waste!